Cash Rebate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone who buys a new construction home get your rebate?

No. Two very important things must happen in order for a buyer to qualify for the rebate. First, I must be your representing agent. Second, On your very first visit to any new model homes, I must be present to register as your agent. If you visit a new home development by yourself, the seller will not pay me a commission, because I did not register on the first visit as your agent. If I don’t get paid, you don’t get paid.

Who is qualified to get a rebate ?

Any home buyer of a new construction home qualifies for a rebate.

Are there any income requirements to qualify for the rebate?

There are no income requirements.

Are there any requirement on the type of home being purchased?

The only home that does not qualify for a rebate is a mobile home.

Where does the money for the rebate come from?

The seller pays a commission to the real estate agent that represents you in the purchase of the home. The sellers are the builders, like KB Homes, Toll Bothers, and Pulte Homes, to name a few. If you buy a home without a real estate agent representing you, the seller simply keeps the commission. Keep in mind that the commission has already been built into the price of the home. So, if I represent you in the purchase of your new home, the money for the rebate comes from me.

When will I get my rebate?

Rebates are paid at close of escrow. Instructions are given to the escrow officer to pay to you the buyer the rebate which is to come out my commission.

Why are you giving up so much of your commission?

Representation of a home buyer in the purchase of a new construction home is much less work than that of a resale home. In the purchase of new construction home, you the buyer are doing all the leg work of finding the home you want. You do all the online research. I’m not having to drive you around to look at 10 or 20 homes for you to see. I only have to meet and register with you the first time you visit a new home development. You can then go back and visit the model homes by yourselves as many times as you want. I will still guide you through the purchase process, and answer any and all real estate related questions you may have. I will be looking out for your best interest throughout the whole purchase process.